Tattered Baseballs
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Boys On The Gold Coast 

by Marvin P. Ferguson

The boys on the Gold Coast were like teenagers in any neighborhood.

In blue jeans, sport shirts, and tennis shoes, they played baseball on a corner lot.
Sliding into cardboard bases and throwing a tattered baseball around the field was fun

When baseballs started landing on the canopies of the little shops across the street, owners
got mad. Eventually, the boys were chased away by the police.

A retired janitor, nicknamed "Pop," introduced them to a real baseball diamond.
The excitement of playing baseball again escalated, allowing them to improve their own
baseball skills.

Following a turn for the worse by local residents, people started gathering to watch them
play ball. And their popularity soared after they played the Chicago Cubs.

Boys On The Gold Coast is an exciting baseball story for young adults (10-18 yrs).
Imaginations were allowed to run wild and dream.

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The Unknown Baseball Player
by Marvin P. Ferguson
Orville Hodge grew up on a farm. Working hard through most of his life didn't leave much time to  have any fun.

The boy from Indiana liked to play baseball. In his spare time, with a tattered baseball and splintered bat, he played  ball with his cousin.

When the Gold Coast Tigers, a group of neighborhood teenagers, played the Chicago Cubs, everybody wanted to join their team.

Fearing the wrath of his uncle, Orville snuck out of his house  when he learned that the Gold Coast Tigers were seeking new baseball players. Racing his bike toward the park he pedaled as fast as he could. He gave his best trying out for the team, and breathed a sigh of relief when he was accepted.

In an uphill battle new and exciting things laid ahead for the unknown baseball player. And one day, he became a hero as he rounded third base, and was greeted by his pals at home plate.

The Unknown Baseball Player is a story that describes the courage of one boy who never gave up to fulfill his dreams.

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